My Experience with Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project

My name is Eliza Kozakou and I am from Cyprus. On 2018 I got the opportunity to take part In the project Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. I have heard about this project from a friend who already participated in the project before an she was so excited about it. This project is designed for upcoming young entrepreneurs who want to expand their knowledge and skill with an experienced entrepreneur in another country. All it takes to be part in this project is a motivation and a business plan. Also  am a person really into non formal education, theater and social inclusion, I decided to write by own business plan for an Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) I was dreaming about.

Luckily I got accepted and the summer of 2018 for three months I was located in Barcelona Spain hosted by an experienced entrepreneur. Those three months of my life were so fruitful as I got the opportunity to work in an multicultural environment working for young people . Of course the experience of this project allowed me to explore Spain, get to know Spanish and embrace their culture.

Opportunities like these should be known to youngsters as the give them the ability  to expand theirs skills, spirit and create strong friendships and networks with inspiring people around Europe.

Organization: PlanBe, Plan it Be it