‘The consumable goods will be forgotten, but the feelings some people gave you will never!’ ~ Anna Christou

Participating in the project “Body and Minds in Action” at Skopje in the Nothern Macedonia wasn’t just a vacation or a way of spending my time in another country. It was a challenge and a chance to get out of my comfort zone. Unknown country, unknown people and unknown environment. Honestly, I was thinking to reject this challenge as I was facing some difficulties. After all, I managed to get over the obstacles which occurred and take the risk.

I have to say, it was one of the best decisions of my life. I learned a lot of things which I would never learn if I hadn’t participated in the project. I tasted food which I would never had the chance to taste. I went to places where I didn’t know they are exist. But the most important thing, is not the food, the stuff I bought or the things I have learnt, but the people I met.

Wonderful, magnificent people all over the world who spread their love everyday and every moment we shared together. Laughter, compassion, happiness are the feelings I get from them. I will never forget the moment we had to say the big goodbye. I was happy but sad the same time. But I am optimistic because we took a promise. Cyprus, Latvia, Spain, Russia, Azerbaijan, Poland, Ukraine, Macedonia, Moldova will meet again! It’s not a dream, it is confirmed!

I have a quote of my life that it follows and leading me every single day. The consumable goods will be forgotten, but the feelings some people gave you will never! I take this state and I will continue my life as a global citizen who is trying to meet new people who will give me the feeling this project gave me. So, if you love travel and create new experience, take the risk and participate in these programmes and I am sure you will never regret it!