The first contact with the European programs

My name is Klea Neophytou and I am 27 years old. I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and my Master’s degree in Food Technology. However, for some time I was unemployed and with little experience in my field of study. Due to the high unemployment rate that our country presents, and due to the lack of opportunities in several areas of work, most young people are forced to emigrate abroad.

In 2018, after countless attempts to find a job in Cyprus and quite disappointed, I joined the non-profit organization CCIF CYPRUS ( first as a volunteer and then as a Youth Worker. I took the decision to join CCIF Cyprus, after a conversation I had with a friend of mine who was a mentor to this organization.

The organization was my support throughout my career, gave me the opportunity to travel and make new friends. To gain knowledge and skills in the business industry and most importantly to discover myself. In addition, they helped me learn my positives and negatives through the seminars and workshops I attended. Finally, I acquired business knowledge and skills that helped me find a job and become more dynamic as a person and as a professional.

As a Youth Worker I joined several Erasmus + projects, such as Plan Learn Act for Neet, the Citizens are United, Cross the Bridge, MyTownYourTown, European Cultural Heritage Enterprise (ECHE) and many more. In conclusion I acquired skills in programs such as CANVAS, VISUAL COMMUNICATION, PERSONAL BRANDING, VIDEO EDITING PRINCIPLES and more other.