First Time traveller in Cyprus #DiscoverEU

Hello, my name is Valentin Thomas and I had the chance to take part in the great initiative of the European Union DiscoverEU.

My travel experience had been started with my friend, Margaux, with whom I study law. We decided to leave after our exams. So, we chose to discover four (4) countries. Our journey started with a beautiful island: Cyprus. We were not disappointed from choosing this country. We did not know at all Cyprus, so it was an opportunity for us to discover it. We stayed six (6) days in Cyprus and specifically in a hostel in Larnaca. This town is awesome! The beaches are beautiful, people are very kind and very welcoming! We were very welcomed each time! We could enjoy as much as possible to discover Cypriot culture because there were many events. Also, we had the chance to enjoy Ayia Napa! We were surprised by the beauty of the beach! An idyllic beach like photographs! A miracle for our eyes and the water was cool. We went also to Nicosia to visit the capital city. The architecture of the town was wonderful. During our stay in Nicosia, we had the chance to be guided by a French tour guide. We have learned a lot about the country, such as the history of the country, tradition etc … It was very interesting! Cyprus was our best destination of our trip as life there was extremely amazing, and people were very hospitable. In addition, the weather was terrible, it was warm, and it helped us enjoy the country.

After our six (6) wonderful days in Cyprus we took the plane to Croatia. The climate change made us very nostalgic of Cyprus because the temperature was not 35°C but 12°C and it was raining. Despite the rainy weather, the three (3) days we spent in Zagreb were nice even if we thought it was a more living city for a capital.

Our trip continued with a train to Slovenia! We stayed three (3) days in Ljubljana! A wonderful town! The city’s architecture was amazing, and people were very welcoming. Furthermore, the town was very clean and green!

The fourth destination of our DiscoverEU trip was Venice, Italy. We stayed there for two (2) days. The city is very charming! There were not enough tourists during our visit, so we have enjoyed a peaceful stroll through the streets of Venice. After the visit in Venice, we have taken the train to Florence, a beautiful town also! Unfortunately, we could not enjoy completely our stay in this town because we had no train to come back in France. Indeed, we did not know about the Interrail “quotas” in the trains and the Florence-Paris train reached its “quota”. We finally found a solution to come back but this was very difficult for us. So, we had to come back earlier than it was first planned and so we could not enjoy visiting entirely in Florence.

However, it will remain in our minds as a separate life experience. And we are even more excited about the DiscoverEU initiative that gave us the opportunity to discover a wonderful country, Cyprus. It is and will remain our favourite destination. We would like to extend more this journey, further as we have discovered an amazing country that is well known!

You can follow our trip on my Instagram account: valentin.ths